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All the creations are imagined to bring you a touch of light on a daily basis. ✨


- amethyst
- pink quartz
- crystal beads
- extension + gold-plated clip


Scorpios are the most instinctive signs so I decided to mix amethyst and rose quartz. This mixture will help you develop your intuition 💕

Amethyst will help you energize your intuition center to more easily connect to your inner voice. When you develop a strong relationship with your intuitive powers, you will no longer question your choices.

Amethyst also facilitates spiritual growth. When you are connected to your intuition, you can appear as your truest and highest self in all situations.

Rose Quartz, is the most important stone for all things love, wearing it as jewelry will constantly remind you to be kind to yourself, to accept yourself and to open your heart to all that is good for you. you.

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