cleaning and reloading 🛁

Cleansing and recharging the energy of your stones, especially when you first receive/use them, is an important part of your acquisition.

🌧 🌕✨ Cleaning and programming:

Light the incense stick and wrap your jewelry in smoke for 10-30 seconds. Develop a specific intention between you and your crystal, for an energy or outcome you wish to manifest. Remember that you only need to program your stones if your intuition is clear or if you want to. Otherwise, trust in magic and it will work perfectly for your needs and for your healing!


Spending a regular or even short amount of time giving your jewelry love and attention will maintain the connection between your personal energy and your stones, creating a bond for the magic to manifest.


The smoke from burning herbs purifies the energies.

RITUAL: Light your favorite incense and hold your jewelry above the stream of smoke. For an extra magic boost, move the smoky wand around your jewel in a circular motion seven times. Sage is recommended but all incense sticks are easy and effective.


The vibrational waves of music harmonize energy.

RITUAL: Sing, whisper, hum!

Stones love to feel music, it gives them a special glow. So strum the guitar, sing your favorite song or ring bells and singing bowls near your rocks. Don't be shy, they are the best non-judgmental audience one could ask for!


Moonlight is supercharged and safe for all stones.

RITUAL: There is mysterious magic in the moonlight and stones love it. Lay your jewelry and stones overnight in a place where the moonlight will touch them for a powerful charge; interior window sills for example. The light of a new or full moon is particularly powerful, under these special moons your stones will be very happy and glowing with health!


Breathing combined with intention is the simplest and most instantaneous purification option.

RITUAL: Hold your jewel/stone.s, inhale through your nose imagining your lungs filling with golden light. Exhale through your mouth in a smooth and powerful way, as if you were blowing out the candles on your birthday cake. Repeat several times until you feel inside that all the energy nodes have been evacuated.