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This is not just a jewel, it's a LUCI! ✨ All models are imagined and created to bring you joy and a touch of light on a daily basis. 🧜🏻‍♀️


- Gold plated clasp
- Freshwater pearls
- Murano Millefiori Beads

💜 Properties, meaning:

Freshwater pearls are associated with health and beauty. They promote inner radiance, they bring softness and have soothing functions on the body and mind.


The creations are handmade and are unique, the patterns and shapes of the beads and stones may therefore vary slightly.

Take care of your Luci creations by rinsing them with fresh water after swimming in them. Diving into a pool with your Luci can be tempting, but avoiding chlorine is recommended. To keep your parts in their original condition, remove them before any sporting activity. Keep them safe and avoid cleaning products, perfume, body lotions and hairspray when wearing your Luci.

Let your jewelry rest in a safe, dry place, preferably away from direct light, humidity and extreme heat.

Take care of yourself and your Luci.

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